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Commercial Security

Our associates have over 100 years of Policing and Security experience. Having investigated hundreds of Break and Enter occurrences and interrogated hundreds of apprehended intruders our company has the unequalled knowledge of the ‘how, when, where, and why' of these crimes. We apply these experiences to provide your company a security system capable of protecting your business and related assets. Whether your focus is property protection or specific asset security, whether an office building or your concern is in the middle of a large construction site, D-tek-TION Security will install a system dedicated to protecting your business needs.

D-tek-TION Security has, within our ‘security tool chest’, all available system ‘detectors and deterrents’; by our design and through the application of the right equipment at the right place, your business will be secure. We provide 360 degree protection – 24/7, 365 days of the year!

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Residential Security

Our associates have over 100 years of Policing and Security experience. Having investigated literally hundreds of Break and Enters provides our company the unequalled insight into the ‘how, when, where, and whys that must be known and understood in order to recommend value-added security system. Always keep in mind, security on the outside means safety on the inside.

D-tek-TION Security understands each family is different, the dynamics of each neighborhood has its’ own characteristics and the uniqueness of your family and your family home are important informational ingredients necessary to design a security system. Don’t be fooled, designing a ‘tailored’ security system is beneficial to you from a “safety first” perspective. Tailored, customized, designed; these descriptive words are NOT a pre-cursor to “expensive”. We are competitive and we guarantee it!

We provide our clients with two compelling options to chose from; both options conclude with our customers owning their security system.

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Medical Security

D-tek-TION Security is a full service safety and security provider, it specializes in providing you with the security that best suits your personal and environmental needs. Our company works very closely with our community partners and as well we are a Blue Cross Services Provider and a Veterans’ Affairs Vendor for personal emergency response systems.

Personal emergency response systems, or PERS, are personal home safety devices connecting you or a parent to a 24-hour call center with the push of a button. The transmitter, a small pendent is typically worn on a neck pendant or wristband, and it sends a signal to a receiver that's connected to the home telephone line. When the personal pendent button is pushed/activated the system immediately calls our Help Centre, where an operator speaks with you, evaluates the situation, and requests the assistance necessary whether an emergency service, family member, friend or neighbour. Our P.E.R.S. (Personal Emergency Response System) works inside or outside your home (on your property) and is used to call for help or request asistance whether it be for a medical concern, you smell smoke or think you hear an intruder. If you accidently activate your system – no problem, our Help Centre operator is ‘there’ 24/7 and will be happy just to hear from you and we like you to test your system regularly anyway!

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A Canadian Five Star Rated Company
A Canadian Five Star Rated Company