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Do your brakes work?

Do Your Brakes Work?

Would you drive a car if its brakes only worked 20% of the time? Are your brakes going to work when you need them? How will you know if your need to brake is part of that 20%? What a foolish question! Or is it? And how does this relate to security?

Who would endanger their family’s safety by driving a vehicle so poorly equipped? The answer is NO ONE.

No one would intentionally jeopardize their family safety – no matter what the reason.

So then why do people install security systems featuring front and rear door protection and a inside motion sensor? Why would caring and prudent families purposely disregard protecting 80% of their windows and doors which are probable access points used by intruders (frequently.) Why?

The truth is these families do leave 80% of their home insecure and they do this unintentionally. They contact or are contacted by a "professional" security company who offer "free" systems, no installation charges and "out of this world" warranties. These systems, wired or wireless, may even talk to intruders inside your home. You know, the space you and your family occupy.

The customer receives a free system and 24/7 monitoring, pays little to nothing upon installation and has only to agree to (pay) a monthly fee for a number of years. And hey, this monthly cost is likely 25% cheaper (or more) than other companies charge. What a deal!

And it might be (a deal) as long as the customer understands and accepts the fact this system fails you and your family by not detecting an illegal entry (or attempt) at 80% of the other probable access points. It fails to achieve any form of prevention, perhaps with the exception of a window sticker or yard sign, these so-called "experts" refer to as "prevention."

The decision to secure your family home (or business) is a personal one and subsequently people select a company because they trust the company, they believe their security is assured and they are receiving a ‘value-added’ product. No one intentionally spends hundreds of dollars a year for a 20% “system” – no one.

So if this is happening then one would have to assume either the company doesn’t know, or the sales team doesn’t know, or both; which is entirely inappropriate and fails the client. And yes, there may be customers who practice "willful blindness," but it is the responsibility of the security company to eliminate this blindness for the benefit of everyone. Of course, this "education" of the prospective customer could cost the company the sale!

The best customer is well-informed. Just as you would not knowingly drive a car with brakes that work 20% of the time, don’t trust your family’s security with a 20% system!

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