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P.E.R.S. How to Save

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Would You Pay $720 In Equipment Rental Fees
Over Three Years? Or Would You Rather Pay $175
To Own The Same Equipment?

Plus, Get Long-Term Medical Alert
Monitoring For Only
$19.95 A Month!

Keep Reading And I'll Show You How To
Save A Whole Lot More!

Hi. I'm Brad Nudds, the Manager of the Medical Alarm Division of D-Tek-Tion Security Systems.

What I am about to tell you is the absolute truth, as surprising as it may seem.

Within the Personal Emergency Response System industry there are important key points to save yourself and/or your loved one a lot of money each and every month.

Don't Risk Quality For Money Savings!!

We all like to save money but we must always be cognizant the savings do NOT increase the personal risk or what the real cost could be if the medical alert fails to function properly! You want to ensure any ’lower’ price isn’t at the expense of quality and reliability! You know what's at stake if it does.

With D-Tek-Tion you have NO worries; we have all this covered and more. We would never put price ahead of quality for any reason.

That's why so many medical alert shoppers feel especially anxious about which system they select. We'd like to be your medical alert company of choice. We guarantee you won't regret it. I encourage you to get a medical alert system as your personal "insurance policy" against needless worry.

Key Points For Saving Money

#1 - Purchase Your Equipment

The security/medical alert industry uses the expression(s) of "free" and "no charge for equipment". The average cost for these popular “freebie” programs are between $34.95 to $61.95 a month. But you'll see them from $39.95 to as high as $89.95 a month as well.

For discussion sake, let's identify the average of $39.95 a month for the ‘free equipment’ program.

The true "hidden cost" they don't bother telling you looks more like this however...

The Equipment cost is $20 a month and the monthly monitoring fee is $19.95. A total of $39.95 a month or $479.40 a year (plus taxes)

This is the real disadvantage of these cleverly laid out free equipment promotions.

Free? You have to know ‘it’ really isn’t. Now truthfully, when was the last time you received anything of value for nothing? NEVER!

And who really wants to deal with a company who commences their relationship with its clients treating them as idiots?

With these companies you will be paying for hidden equipment costs for years and years. Wouldn’t you think after oh say about three years these companies would reduce your monthly costs because their equipment is paid for? The answer is “no way” but they suggest you are getting “free” warranty. Free? Oh Really? They suggest you may cancel your contract without any large cancellation fees – Free? Oh Really? Suffice said – I hope you understand and appreciate these points.

Here's what your equipment cost break down looks like after several years of use.

Equipment Rental Cost

@ $20.00 per month

After Year 1 After Year 2 After Year 3
$ 240.00 $ 480.00 $ 720.00

If you cancel service after three years, you must return their equipment - you don't own it. And you'll get nothing back for your equipment return. Free? Good Deal? – you decide!

Purchase Your Equipment

You can purchase our G.E. CareGard for just $ 249.95. And you never have to pay for your equipment again.

  • 1st Year Equipment Cost - $249.95
  • 2ndYear Equipment Cost - $0
  • 3rd Year Equipment Cost - $0

Total Equipment Cost after 3 years - only $174.95

That’s’ right. Only $174.95. Why? Because D-Tek-Tion Security is the only company in Canada with a 36 month equipment buyback – guaranteed!

If you cancel your service with us at any time within the first 36 months, we'll give back to you $ 75.00 of your initial $ 249.95 if you choose to return your equipment.

You're total three year equipment cost is $ 174.95. In compared to the other company ‘freebies’ the Medical Alarm Division of D-Tek-Tion Security Systems Inc. just saved you over $545.00 in three years

You Are In Control

So if you use your equipment for less time than you had initially hoped for - no problem. We’ll buy back YOUR equipment anytime within the first 36 months for $75.00. Or you can transfer the system to any person you want at no cost. The choice is yours to make. You own the equipment. So you're in control.

The Real Comparison

Let's look at the big picture. You can rent and return your equipment after three years after having paid a total of $ 720.00 for your equipment rental with other companies.

Or you can buy your equipment with our plan for $ 249.95 and get $ 75.00 back any time you return the equipment in the first 36 months.

And now for the unimaginable. Here are more savings!

Switch – Over and Save!

My medical division guarantees a minimum savings of 25% per month for clients who Switch-Over to our company!! That’s’ right a minimum of 25% off what you are presently paying. If you are paying $ 39.95 a month or $42.95 a month or $ 61.95 a month or $89.95 a month your monthly cost will be no greater than $28.95 a month without a long term contract!

What's To Think About?

#2 – Pay Your Monitoring Fee Annually

Don't pay your monitoring monthly! It costs more to bill, collect and administer a monthly or even a quarterly payment plan.

Companies will simply pass the added costs onto you in the way of higher monitoring prices!

That's why we bill our monitoring once a year and it's only $239.40 - which is just $19.95 a month!

#3 – Optional Fire Protection pays for your equipment and monitoring!

If you can afford to pay a little more upfront for the wireless smoke sensor I promise the savings will come back to you in spades!

Fire Protection Lowers Your Medical Alert Costs!

Adding a (wireless) Monitored Smoke Detector to our P.E.R.S. system is really a "financial no brainer!" And I have to agree!

Take Advantage Of This Little Known Insurance Benefit

Start thinking in terms of having your Homeowners Insurance Company pay for your medical alert system! I know at first this may sound a little odd or unusual. But it's not. Allow me to explain.

You're absolutely entitled to this benefit. This is not in any way a type of charity or government assistance program.

It's a 100% legal and a legitimate business offer from your homeowners insurance company that most people don't realize even exists. For example State Farm, All State and Cooperators reportedly all offer their clients 10% discounts off their Homeowner policy if their smoke detector is monitored externally. That is were your medical alert monitored system comes in! Your medical Help Centre can include this monitoring – the savings are yours!

I realize shopping for a Medical Alert System is a challenge – I hope you will contact us so that we can provide you the best service and the best price; knowing that your safety and our honestly STARTS HERE!

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