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Information About Our Clients

At D-tek-TION Security, we are honoured and privileged to provide security environments to our security family. And in keeping with the high standards of the systems we install, we have chosen an "all-Canadian" company,Safe Harbour, to deliver dedicated and professional 24/7 monitoring services. They understand, appreciate our company’s focus of “Prevention First”, and support our unique initiatives of creating safer communities. It is imperative for companies like ours to be "like-minded" on priority issues concerning customer service, accountability and research for the betterment of our clients; and we are.

Because you are visiting our company, you are likely interested in "who" our customers are, and does D-tek-TION Security Services Inc. focus on particular clients or specialize in a particular area. We are sure you will find, through our website, the answers to your questions.

Because of our significant and practical front line policing experiences, coupled with sound security knowledge of systems and sensors and their “best” applications we can and do provide security services ranging from family homes to extremely sensitive commercial buildings. Our strength is in our ability to deliver quality, quickly, without limitations and with an "eye" on affordability. Our system designs are simplistic, user-friendly and effective in preventing intrusions.

The following is a representation of literally hundreds of clients we are so proud to serve. None are too small and none too big, and each one deserves the "right" security for their lifestyles and business requirements.

Our commercial/business client groups are:

Family Homes – 52% Commercial Applications - 41% Medical – 7%
Primary Focus:
Primary Focus:
Personal Safety with
24/7 communication

Our Commercial/Business client groups include:

  • Medical Buildings: Dentists, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Chiropractors, etc.
  • Professional Offices: Financial, Insurance, Realtor, Gallery, Legal, Investment, etc
  • Retail Premises involving: Tourism, Recreational, Property Management, Auto Industry, Storage Premises etc
  • Construction/Builder Services: Site Security