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Videofied Commercial Security

Burglary PRotection with Cost-Effective Video VerificationD-tek N’ Vision videofied security systems deliver police when you need them. The highest level of asset protection at the same (or lower) price of a ‘blind’ system !

D-tek N’Vision presents the next generation of Commercial Security through the all new and award winning Videofied Alarm system, developed by RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES®.

Burglary Protection with Cost-Effective Video Verification

Video verification technology sends a 10-second video clip of whatever triggered the alarm is sent to our central station. This eliminates false dispatches, increases police response time and facilitates apprehension and safer communities.

More than standard alarm technology, video verification shows us what tripped the alarm instantly. View the video demo of this amazing wireless install-anywhere technology.

A sophisticated totally self-contained “wireless” motion sensor combined with a night vision camera with infrared illuminators, detects and captures the intrusion on ‘real time’ video; the monitoring centre instantly forwards the video clip to the responding authorities whose response is the equivalent to a ‘crime in progress’ – high priority!! The system boasts of a Military grade radio transmissions, meaning Videofied delivers incredible range and immunity to interference.

Its’ easy, adds value to CCTV systems and it’s affordable.

No False Police Dispatches

Videofied Burglar Alarm

Videofied Burglar AlarmMore convenient because it’s wireless!

The panel may be connected to a standard telephone line or use the GPRS cellular network (via an integrated module). Each device in the system, including panel, is powered by batteries with a 4-year operating capacity. No AC power required.

Thanks to the simplicity of this wireless system one person can install a full system in just a few hours.

Real Security: Anywhere ~ Anytime

Security indoors starts with security outdoors!

Portable Remote Sentries

The portable battery powered P-Cam (PIR motion sensor with integrated camera and illuminators) can be installed anywhere; often mounted on portable stands (pipe in a concrete-filled bucket) that can be picked up and moved around as the situation demands - no trenching, no wires. The integrated PIR motion sensor detects intruders in storms and blizzards, ignoring the rain or snow

Outdoor cameras deter intrusion from your yard, patio, windows and landscape, protecting your outdoor assets whether or not power or communication lines exist !

Indoor cameras protect your business premises (computer hardware, vehicles, tools, and company files).

The next on-camera performance is a mug shot, without the hood.Anytime and Anywhere motion activates the integrated (night) vision camera and sends a 10 second video clip of the intruder(s) over the cell network to our 24/7 ULC monitoring station. Based on this instant eyewitness, police are dispatched to a verified “crime in progress” instead of the ‘usual false alarm’ (standard). Police always respond faster to crimes-in-progress !

In contrast, business owners using traditional CCTV systems and DVR’ s must review what happened after an incident occurs. More often than not, identification of the intruder is impossible because of poor lighting and the wearing of masks or hoods.

The outdoor videofied systems alerts:

  • The monitoring station by sending a video the intrusion in real time
  • The police is notified as soon as the monitoring station verifies the video
  • The owner(s) of the protected site is sent the video by email or to their GMS phone,
  • Neighbours and/or passers-by attention are attained by the outdoor siren and flashing lights

And all of this happens before the break-in occurs!

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