Barrie Security Systems

Testing Your Alarm System

You should test your alarm system once a week. It only takes a few minutes; anytime, day or night. Be aware, if you have a siren, it should become activated during the test.

  • First and most important, call the alarm monitoring station and put your security system on "TEST".
  • Now arm your security system and wait at least 1 minute for the system to fully arm before walking around your house.
  • Walk in front of all your motions and the siren should go off.
  • Also, open some or all doors and windows that have security contacts one at a time.
  • Then, enter your code and shut off the alarm system.
  • Call the alarm monitoring station and tell them you want to check your signals.

Our central station operator should be able to tell you exactly which zones were breached.

If there is a problem, please give us a call.