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The Right Security for Your Business

Think of the designing of a security system as a process; it requires unique ingredients that include knowledge (of security products - their weaknesses and strengths), the environment being "secured", and the type of threats your business will be subjected to. A lesser process will not serve you well.

D-tek-TION Security Systems Inc., a local owner/operator company, has purposefully recruited associates who bring with them individual knowledge and experiences only obtainable through investigational (e.g. police) experience which includes the interrogation of literally hundreds of "burglars". Information about security systems and understanding the business environment, through physical visitations and client consultation, are ingredients that must be constantly kept current because of technological advances and the fact that no two businesses are exactly the same.

The same can not be said in regards to threats targeting businesses. The intruders may change but the modis operandi(MO) doesn’t – they seek targets of opportunity with high rewards and low risks (of apprehension). The "burglar’s" enemy is detection, time, lights and noise. And always remember, security on the outside means safety on the inside. Exterior motion sensitive lights are excellent examples of inexpensive security initiatives that you can do yourself.

Cost-effective Security Solutions

Security, Peace of Mind and Affordability

Regardless of the type of business, whether a convenience store, golf course, construction company, warehouse, car dealership, marina or a professional office building we have the ability to protect them - quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. In consultation with you, we will present a security system proposal based upon the “Prevention First” principle. Let’s keep these criminals out and keep your business, your livelihood, safe.

You may be interested in our newest system. It won the Best New Product Award and eliminates false police dispatches. No power, no phone, no lights – no problem!! This next generation technology instantly detects, verifies and notifies the police of a crime-in-progress event; imagine their response to your "threat".

Besides taking photos "in the dark" and sending then to the responding authorities, the new D-tek N’ Vision Videofied Security System is entirely portable and affordable. Imagine after 150,000 installation since 2002, not one false police dispatch. Consider the budget savings by reducing "guard responses", and preventative patrols.

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