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Working with the CommunityAll-Canadian Five-Star Company

We are pleased to have had the opportunity of sponsoring hole #7 and a prize at the #18 branch OPP Vet Association (tournament known as the Danielle McLean Memorial Tournament). What a worthy initiative! [July 29th, 2010.]

D-tek-TION Security Systems is a family owned and operated local security company who prides itself in working with our communities at a number of strategic levels. Perhaps you would like to know a little more.

Our company motto:

All-Canadian Five-Star Rated CompanyBuilding Safer Communities ~ One Home and One Business At A TimeAll-Canadian Five-Star Rated Company

Our "motto" is meant to demonstrate that we walk “the talk” with and for our communities.

Enabling Our Community

There is not a day that goes by when we are not working with or considering how we can improve our community’s safety – your safety. We have experienced many who have a "need" for security or personal safety systems who simply cannot afford to experience the peace of mind an adequate security system brings. At D-tek-TION Security, affordability has become one of our key strategies to enable our residents to enjoy "peace of mind".

Working With Our Community

Justin WhalleyOn a different focus, and remaining committed to community, we boast of our most recent experience of working with a community icon - Georgian College. What a great institution, with great instructors and great students. Please meet a Georgian College student, Mr. Justin Whalley, from Huntsville, Ontario.

Justin is our webmaster and has designed and constructed our website in consultation with us over a very short period of time. He has a clear understanding of teamwork, and his dedication and work ethics are second-to-none. A young student with a bright future! We couldn’t be more pleased or proud of Justin and his accomplishments. From our experience, it has been a "win–win" situation.

Advocate For Community Safety Strategies

Working with our communities does not stop there at D-tek-TION Security. We advocate "safer communities" and recommend and challenge local non-profit organizations (e.g. community policing committees) to become more involved with crime prevention within their community. Our associates have the practical policing and senior executive crime prevention experiences to assist your group to develop and implement an accountable initiative with a focus of preventing or reducing crime and promoting community safety strategies. As an unpaid volunteer/consultant, we can assist in the development of these plans, inclusive of identifying local partnerships (e.g. your police service) and recommend multiple sources for short-term funding (e.g. up to $20,000).

Limited Resources

Understandably, D-tek-TION Security's resources to provide pro-bono consultations are not unlimited. Identical to our customer service, we will respond (to a request) in a timely and professional manner. We can be contacted through our Contact D-tek-TION area of our website.