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The Right Security for Your Family

Thieves and break and enter criminals seek opportunities that offer high rewards and low risks (of apprehension). Detection, light, noise and notification are all ingredients these types of people seek to avoid.

D-tek-TION Security will provide a customized security package to significantly increase the burglars risk, and your system will be designed specifically for the protection of your family's lifestyle and environment.

By design, any intruder attempts will be detected prior to the completion of their full entry, they will know, you will know, your neighbours will know and the police will be notified of their attack on your family home by and through the activation of lights, siren and communications.

Your system will be installed on the basis of “Prevention First”. We know security on the outside means your family’s safety on the Inside.

We understand your decision to ‘secure’ your family’s safety and their home environment is a serious one, we will be honoured if you chose our company to protect your family. And, we will prove (to you) you made the right decision. Do you know that a 10% to 20% reduction in your annual home insurance premiums is offered by most insurance companies? And if you include a monitored Fire/Smoke sensor the reduction most often increases another 5%.

And because anything can happen we want you to know we can protect everything, whether fire or flooding or carbon monoxide or severe weather (freezing) we can monitor (and report) those situations for you.

At D-tek-TION, we don’t sell security... we install protection!

A Canadian Five Star Rated Company
A Canadian Five Star Rated Company