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A Message From The Owner

Kyle Nudds, Owner of D-tek-TION SecurityThank you for taking your time to visit our website. I hope you are pleased with the information our site provides and its intended simplicity (of use).

You will come to know our company is not comfortable with "status quo"; security, like other professions, is experiencing significant technological advances. A security company failing to remain current and not providing the newest (proven) products will not be in "this" business long. I invite you to investigate "our" latest and International Award Winning security system:

Remember False Alarms?
D-tek N’ VISION has eliminated them!

At D-tek-TION Security, we know each of our customers and their expectations individually, and take great pleasure in providing them a very personal service called "security". Their decision to entrust their security to our company is sincerely appreciated and we will never breach their trust. To provide a safe and secure environment is both a privilege and an honour; a responsibility we dedicate our full attention to.

The systems we recommend are based upon our years of practical policing experiences, a physical audit of your premises and neighbourhood, and through consultation with each client, we present your security system designed for you and based upon the "Prevention First" principle. We know security on the outside means safety on the inside and although no one is able to eliminate intruders attempting to break-in, we guarantee the environment they seek will be instantly non-existent prior to their completed entry.

Our systems are ULC monitored 24/7; and these services are provided in both English and French languages. Because anything can happen and usually does when "Murphy is around", we have the ability to monitor everything including smoke, flood, carbon monoxide, and extreme temperature levels, etc.

I look forward to meeting with you and having the opportunity of presenting a no obligation quotation. You will come to learn, at D-tek-TION, a system designed for you and providing “real security” is affordable, and of course, we offer our customers the choice of purchasing or leasing (security systems) without long-term contracts.

I personally promise you, you will never have to worry that your security system isn’t right for you. And when your needs change, it’s easy and economical to modify your system.

All-Canadian Five-Star Rated Company
All-Canadian Five-Star Rated Company