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Police Surveillance System


Police Surveillance System MotionviewerPortable Remote Sentries Where You Need and Want them. A new and proven (wireless) 'instant eyewitness' that can be moved as any situation evolves; anywhere and anytime. The 'alert' provides your lap top a 10 second video of who is doing what and where as it is occurring. Increase clearance rates, officer response safety and decrease investigational hours!

RSI Videofied Industries has honoured D-tek-TION Security Systems Inc. by identifying our company as the Canadian Distributor of their Stakeout-Pro system designed specifically for police surveillance. Unlike C.C.T.V. systems that record yesterdays' crimes the Information-Pro instantly alerts you to a crime-in-progress.

As a result of this systems' unique capabilities and relevance to police investigations, including privacy and the importance of 'now' information, our company recognized its' significance to policing success and officer response safety and subsequently sought (and achieved) the opportunity of bringing this new and proven surveillance technology to Canadian Police Services.

Based on the fact that timely and accurate information is 'everything' to policing success (and safety) we have chosen to name this system (in Canada) "Information-Pro". Its' capability and success is limited only by imagination (of use). Situational awareness anywhere and anytime (e.g. marijuana field, a night stalker investigation, graffiti incidents, roof-top break and enters, etc) is now available to police services. It is a 'tool' worthy of having available in any police service and will reduce investigative hours significantly.

With over 36 years as a police officer I have never seen nor heard of a wireless system that so ably provides police forces with the capability of arresting criminals at the scene of "their" chosen target. An instant eye witness wherever and whenever wanted or needed.

An 'independent' examination of this system capabilities (and specifications) by an experienced and respected Canadian Police Technical Surveillance Specialist resulted in his confirmation of this units' capabilities and relevance to police surveillance needs.

About Police Surveillance System

The Canadian "Information – Pro" System is a portable self contained remote sentry (video) system who's fundamental purpose is (outdoors or indoors) to immediately detect and notify police services of a situation-in-progress through wireless surveillance.

The system is can be easily deployed as a situation evolves. Wireless Motionviewers use sophisticated PIR technology to trigger the integrated night vision cameras and captures a 10 second clip of the incident. The system immediately sends the video alert over the cell network to the police portable monitoring laptop for immediate situational awareness to determine an appropriate response.

Wherever your Service needs an instant eyewitness regardless of the absence of power or phone lines or weather conditions (day or night) or the need for an instant installation the availability of knowing and seeing the 'now' situation is entirely available to you; any frame in the black and white video clip can be copied and used as you require (e.g. facial recognition).

System & Sensors

Please see our Information-Pro brochure for photos and further information.

Also be sure to view our External Antenna - Increased Cell Range" brochure.

Canadian Distributor Acknowledgment

Click here to view the letter we received from RSI Video Technologies.

Non-Police Installations

Private Installations - We are now installing video verified 'security' systems in commercial, industrial and residential environments subsequently guaranteeing NO False Police Dispatches. Our new 'extender' unit can easily be added to 'any current security system' – giving blind alarm systems sight.

A timely (and safer) police response to an actual crime-in-progress will no doubt result in successful apprehensions and reduced court attendances.

A Canadian Five Star Rated Company
A Canadian Five Star Rated Company