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Contractor/Builder ServicesStop Theft & Vandalism on Site ~ Anywhere!

SAVE with D-tek N’ VISION Videofied™

There is nothing more frustrating and maddening than to have deadlines missed and workers left idle because of thefts of construction materials from your construction site. Equally, to have staff arrive at your work-site only to find the construction equipment they need to use is either stolen or inoperative because of vandalism; or perhaps the oil, diesel or gas has been removed.

Whether your site is focused on industrial, commercial, residential building, road or rail maintenance, erecting towers or trenching gas lines; whether your site is in an urban setting or rural environment we have the site security package to stop your loses.

No longer is it necessary to hire a protection service to "watch over" your construction assets. And when the police are notified, the requested response will be for a “crime-in-progress” – because that’s what it will be! Let us help you – Stop the Threat!

D-tek-TION Contractor/Builder Construction Site Protection Package includes:

  • 24/7 ULC monitoring
  • D-tek N’ VISION – for Instant Detection, Verification and Notification
  • NO FALSE POLICE DISPATCHES – facilitates crime-in-progress police responses.

No power, no (day) light, no phone lines are required – totally portable and affordable. An intrusion will be detected, verified and the police will be notified of a "crime-in-progress" and a picture will be instantly forwarded of who and what is involved. D-tek N’ VISION detects and reports crimes in progress; it doesn’t just record yesterdays’ crimes.

To learn more about our Videofied™ system, click here.

Service Cost

Based upon site review and customers direction free no obligation quote provided.