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Security System Focus

The focus of your system should be ‘prevention’, meaning preventing the burglar from entering your home, ensuring the intruder is aware their activities have been detected even before their entry has been completed and clearly announcing there are witnesses (to what they are trying to do).

A Couple of “Watch Outs” to look for:

  1. Inadequate Protection:- A system providing a couple of entrance ‘contacts’, an interior motion sensor and ignoring perimeter protection is inadequate. A home owner, believing their family is secure with this type of system, will be disappointed when the system they were lead to believe will protect them – doesn’t.
  2. Understand the “real” Level of Security:- Make sure you understand the level of security you are receiving. The difference between adequate and inadequate systems normally relates to “experience and “pennies”. A system built to address your family or business needs is available and affordable. Don’t endanger your most precious possessions for ‘pennies’, and don’t throw your money away.
  3. Don’t Be Fooled! - "Get something for nothing" sales tactics are deployed by companies who are primarily interested in their “next sale”. A trained ‘sales person’ is paid to focus on ‘sales’; they do not design the security system to ensure it addresses the needs of your family. The fact is it would appear they either don’t know, don’t care or are not allowed; none of these behaviours should be considered acceptable or appropriate – this is your family’ s protection!

    Questions to consider:
    • In our day to day lives it is a struggle just to ‘get what we pay for’. Now consider paying little or nothing and getting a lot. Really?
    • How could anything of such significance and value (to us) cost so little? What is the ‘real focus’ of a company providing ‘over-the-phone’ quotes?
    • How could anyone possibly understand my security requirements after a brief phone call/survey?
    • Does this practice illustrate a sincere desire to ensure your security is being properly delivered or is ‘just’ a sale?
    • How do I feel about having a professional/business entity who commences our relationship by trying to convince me I’m getting something for nothing?
    • Who is the looser when the system fails to meet my expectations of security?

We leave these questions for you to contemplate. After all it is your decision and the best decision is an informed decision.

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