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Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker ProtectionIf you work alone, feeling safe, secure and at ease is a primary concern. If you are an employer, safeguarding your staff is a primary concern. Safe Harbour Security’s lone worker ID is the world’s first safety device designed specifically to help professional lone workers, empowering them to pro-actively control and manage their daily risks. The unit is modeled to look and feel like a normal ID card-holder, but the device, in fact, contains a discreet mobile phone and alarm monitoring technology. It is specifically designed to protect lone workers from assault, verbal abuse, or ‘man down’ injury or incapacitation. A wide variety of employers support differing types of lone workers – in healthcare, counselling and social work, real estate, charity work, security and construction. Though each industry is different, there is a common bond – strong desire to ensure the safety of employees across the organization.

Lone Worker ProtectionKey Benefits

  • Simple to Use: One button activation of multiple escalation actions (i.e. voice call and multiple text messages). Duress and Risk Monitoring Facilities: Meets employer’s responsibility of care and aids compliance with Health & Safety legislation.
  • Man Down Alert: Automatic alerting in case of injury or incapacity of the user.
  • Unique ID Cardholder Format: Always with the user and within immediate reach. Accommodates any industry-sized ID card. Rip Alarm: Enters Red Risk status should the device be forcibly removed from the wearer.
  • Covert and Discreet Safety Device: Discreet activation ensures the worker is not putting themselves at any further risk or danger.

Lone Worker ProtectionPersonal Risk Management Systems (RMS)

More and more workers are finding themselves day in, day out on the receiving end of verbal or even physical abuse. Research has shown many times over that being the recipient of such abuse is damaging to a person’s well being and state of mind. Helping prevent such abuse and capturing evidence of such incidences has until now been extremely difficult. With Identicom, you have the world’s first solution specifically aimed at helping professional lone workers achieve peace of mind, as well as help their employer improve the care and support they can provide to their workforce and address their legal and moral duty of care.

Lone Worker ProtectionIdeal for workers "at risk"

D-tek-TION helps address the issues faced by lone working individuals and is simple to use, extremely effective and, most importantly, is always there for the worker. Deliberately designed to look and feel like a normal identity (ID) cardholder, you are assured that D-tek-TION is always with the worker and within immediate reach should an issue arise. Identicom uses mobile phone technology, but unlike a phone, can be activated in a covert fashion thereby ensuring no suspicion is raised. Trying to use a mobile phone to raise an alarm can often exacerbate an already difficult situation and may even be the spark that creates a flashpoint.

Lone Worker ProtectionMany industries are affected

Lone workers are affected in a variety of industries, including real estate (agents showing Open Houses or Model Suites), health and family care, government agencies deploying social workers, transit, commercial property management (key holders), warehouse and construction sites, as well as workers in technology parks and centres working around the clock.

Protection that follows you 24/7

Just one call puts you in touch with our trained security professionals who are ready to help you with your safety and security, 24/7. In our state-of-the-art, ULC certified monitoring station, we keep our eyes on your Identicom device, around the clock to keep you fully protected every hour of the day, under any conditions.