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P.E.R.S. Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a Call Button at all, when I can call a neighbour or call 911 if I need help?

There could be an accident or medical condition that prevents you from reaching the telephone, but the Emergency Call Button on your wrist is always within reach. Secondly, it can be difficult to remember phone numbers during an emergency. And third, we will keep calling until we get help.

If no one is home we go on to the next person on the list you gave previously. We'll call until we can get you help, and if we can't reach someone nearby, or if you tell us you need an ambulance, then we'll dispatch the paramedics to your home immediately.

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How is the P.E.R.S. system installed?

Our P.E.R.S. staff are experienced at installing the system. The installation, programming and set up of your account generally takes about an hour. All that is required in your home is an electrical socket and telephone outlet.

How do I know that the P.E.R.S. system is working?

There is an easy simple way to test your personal call button whenever you wish. Your D-tek-TION representative will demonstrate this for you. The P.E.R.S. system will also undertake a communication test every 24 hours.Back to top

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After I push the Call Button, how will I know that help is on the way?

When the call goes through, the speakerphone is activated. Our trained staff will be able to call and speak to you over the speakerphone. If they do not get a response or specific instructions from you, they will proceed to dispatch emergency help and call the contacts that you have given us previously.

What if I press the Call Button by mistake?

If you accidentally press the Call Button, you may cancel the call by pressing the STATUS button on the P.E.R.S. unit. You may receive a telephone call before you can cancel - in that case simply tell the operator that it was an error. If you don't cancel the call in time, then when the speakerphone connects to a live person, tell them it was not an emergency.

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Can two people in the home wear Call Buttons?

Yes. Up to 24 Call Buttons can be used. Additional Call Buttons are available through our office.

How comfortable is the Call Button when worn on the wrist?

It's as light or lighter than a watch, small and compact, and attaches to your wrist with Velcro or a watchband so you can adjust the fit any way you want. After a while, most clients don't even notice they are wearing it.

How often should I wear my Call Button?

You should always wear your Call Button, even when you are in the shower, bath or in bed. An accident or medical emergency can happen any time and if you are wearing your Call Button on your wrist, help is just a button-press away. The Call Button is safe to wear even in water and the Velcro strap makes it comfortable to wear all the time.

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Can I wear my Call Button in the shower or bath?

Yes. The Call Button is waterproof. It has been tested waterproof to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. It's not designed for prolonged submersion, so don't wear it swimming.

How far away can the Call Button be from the Smart speakerphone and still work?

When you push the Call Button it sends a wireless signal to the Smart speakerphone. The exact range depends on the building materials and furnishings in the home, but the range is typically 150 feet or more in each direction which covers most every home.

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Can I use my Call Button outside?

Absolutely. You will probably need to be within 150 feet of the house. You or our representative can easily test your personal call button to determine the exact range in your particular location. If you push the call button while outside, the person answering the call will not be able to speak with you since the speakerphone is in your house. They will know that you pushed the call button and are in trouble and will proceed to contact emergency help.

What happens if the power goes out at my home?

The P.E.R.S. system is equipped with a rechargeable back-up battery which will power the Call Station for 24 hours in the event of a power failure. Call Buttons are battery operated and good for 5000 presses, so it is highly unlikely to have a low battery for many years.

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