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About Videofied

Videofied detects, verifies and notifies.Welcome to D-tek N’ Vision security; the next generation of Video Verified Alarms developed by RSI VIDEO TECHNOLOGIES®. D-tek-TION Security Systems is proud to announce we are the only local and area dealer providing this new ‘next generation’ of (video) security.

Read on… this isn’t CCTV; we don’t just record yesterdays’ crimes. Videofied detects, verifies and notifies the authorities as the criminal activities are being attempted.

A new aged, next generation of “wireless” Video Security is here; the World first wireless alarm system. An infrared (night vision) video camera integrated with a motion sensor providing a wireless video verification alarm system! It is a ‘game changing’ tool designed to protect commercial and residential assets and reinstate safer communities.

The VIDEOFIED MotionViewer combines a PIR, camera and illuminators into a self-powered device that can be instantly mounted anywhere security is needed.

Videofied “WINS” Best of Show (International Security Conference) 2007 and Best in Show, New/Innovative Product NEAC - 2008

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Videofied SecurityImagine affordability, flexibility, intelligent and totally self-contained security available to defend your assets, detecting unlawful activities and providing a picture of Who is responsible – daytime or nighttime – ANYWHERE !

The integrated PIR motion sensor detects intruders in storms and blizzards, ignoring the rain or snow.

After over 150,000 installs since 2002: not "one" false Police Dispatch; not one "fine" , not one "cancellation of response" notification, not one inconvenience, not one night of "no response" worries – NOT ONE.

D-tek N’ Vision, videofied security systems deliver police when you need them – through video verified alarms.

It’s here, it’s ready, and it’s affordable … ask us about "D-tek N’ Vision".

A Canadian Five Star Rated Company
A Canadian Five Star Rated Company
D-tek N' Vision

What is it?

A sophisticated totally self-contained “wireless” motion sensor combined with a night vision camera with infrared illuminators, detects and captures the intrusion on ‘real time’ video; the monitoring centre instantly forwards the video clip to the responding authorities whose response is the equivalent to a ‘crimes in progress’ – high priority!! Military grade radio transmissions means Videofied delivers incredible range and immunity to interference.

It delivers arrests instead of recording yesterdays’ crimes.

Protects Assets ~ Anywhere ~ Anytime

D-tek N' Vision is all about protecting assets NOW!

D-tek N’ Vision gives you quick response better security, added value and strengthens CCTV systems or other security products.

D-tek N’ Vision is not a surveillance system; we separate security from surveillance. With Videofied, no one can “look in” remotely unless the camera has been activated by the alarm system; privacy issues are eliminated.

Intellegent lead security; knows the different between human and animal thermal heat. And no wires means no peaking (privacy)!

Why Videofied?

Seven “REAL” reasons to install or add D-tek N’ Vision

Construction Sites, Marinas, Heavy Equipment Rental Lots, Private Boat Lifts

7 reasons to install or add D-tek N' Vision

No Power, No Light, No phone Lines - No PROBLEM

Videofied detects, verifies, reports and demands a response to a "Crime-in-Progress!" It enhances sophisticated surveillance systems, acting as "remote sentries" that can be located anywhere, providing instant alerts of intrusions or other nuisance or unlawful activities.

D-tek N’ Vision is expandable, each system handles up to 24 cameras and it is quickly and easily moved to address new threats. It can be used in a ‘stand alone’ environment or ‘blended’ into any other security system applications. The portable sentries can be installed anywhere, often mounted on portable stands and moved as the situation dictates – no trenching and no wires and severely reduced costs.

Criminals know a mask or hood will protect their identity (from CCTV systems), they know their chosen target and time will eliminate witnesses, they know there is significant time between alarm activation and police attendance, they know the lack of communication and power lines means no security protection. They know !! What the criminals don’t know can and will “hurt”.

Safer Communities is not just a slogan, it can be a reality. Imagine the impact on front line police resources when all false alarms (95%) are eliminated, imagine the increased safety of our officers attending a known “crime in progress”, and lastly imagine a safer community because criminals are incarcerated and ‘they’ chose to avoid a ‘community’ with our level of security.

No matter when or where, D-tek N’ Vision will ensure high risk with low returns; the opposite environment being sought by criminals. And it is affordable, and Privacy is never compromised.

The difference is "Ours You see them – Theirs You Don't!"

And, there are never any FALSE POLICE DISPATCHES.

How Does it Work ?

The next on-camera performance is a mug shot, without the hoodAnytime and Anywhere motion activates the integrated night vision camera and sends a 10 second video clip of the intruder(s) over the cell network to our 24/7 ULC monitoring station. Based on this instant eyewitness, police are dispatched to a verified “crime in progress” instead of the ‘usual false alarm’ (standard). Police always respond faster to crimes-in-progress!

In contrast, property owners using traditional CCTV systems and DVR’ s must review what happened after an incident occurs. More often than not, identification of the intruder is impossible because of poor lighting and the wearing of masks or hoods.

Who are the Videofied Clients?

The better question might be who shouldn’t be a D-tek N’ Vision customer?

Inside or Out… Day or Night… Anyone, Anywhere!

  • Homes
  • Schools
  • Golf Courses
  • Cottages
  • Warehouses
  • Loading Docks
  • Storage Units
  • Municipal Parks
  • Swimming Pools
  • Small Business
  • Primary Residential
  • Vacation Homes
  • Churches
  • Parking Lots
  • Public Buildings
  • Car Dealerships
  • Landscape Storage Sites
  • Marinas
  • Mines
  • Construction Sites
  • Abandoned Mines
  • Railways
  • Loading Docks
  • Hydro Facilities
  • Cell & Water Towers
  • Natural Gas facilities
  • Oil Rigs
  • Remote Storage Tanks
  • and you