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About Your Family Home Security

Our associates have over 100 years of Policing and Security experience. Having investigated literally hundreds of Break and Enters provides our company the unequalled insight into the ‘how, when, where, and whys that must be known and understood in order to recommend value-added security systems. Always keep in mind, security on the outside means safety on the inside.

D-tek-TION Security understands each family is different, the dynamics of each neighborhood has its’ own characteristics and the uniqueness of your family and your family home are important informational ingredients necessary to design a security system. Don’t be fooled, designing a ‘tailored’ security system is beneficial to you from a “safety first” perspective. Tailored, customized, designed; these descriptive words are NOT a pre-cursor to “expensive”. We are competitive and we guarantee it!

We provide our clients with two compelling options to chose from; both options conclude with our customers owning their security system.

The first includes the upfront cost of the system with monthly monitoring rates of $15.95; and without a lengthy contract.

The second (option) is a ‘lease to own’ 3 year contract, the ‘system’ is financed over this time through our company; no interest is charged; and at the conclusion of the 36 months your monthly rates are reduced to $15.95 (for monitoring). And should a client be entirely focused on a multi-year lease contract we have been known to accommodate them.

Vacation Home Security Solutions

D-tek-TION Security provides solutions for your vacation home too! Did you know you can monitor the environment of your vacation home from your primary residence? Situations relating to flooding or freezing etc can be easily averted and local property maintenance companies can be on your contact list if you desire.

Should a break and enter be attempted the police can be immediately notified and our newest security ‘addition’ provides a video clip of “who” is present and a ‘crime-in-progress’ response is facilitated. There are never any False Police Dispatches to be concerned about.

Click here to learn more about Videofied Security

So as you can see, there is absolutely no need for you to arrive days or weeks later only to find your vacation property ‘open’, ‘broken’ and ‘frozen’; you don’t need the mess or the hassle.

Let us help you protect and enjoy your family times and homes.

Regardless of your level of security knowledge our company will ensure you completely understand the rationale for our recommendations.

An informed client is our best customer; you can be assured our clients will never pay for unnecessary security products or equipment incapable of addressing your needs.

A Canadian Five Star Rated Company
A Canadian Five Star Rated Company