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D-tek-TION Security only offers high quality P.E.R.S. systems, your personal safety, system’s reliability and our credibility are far too important to consider anything less !

There are three parts to the D-tek-TION Security Personal Emergency Response System, the personal alert or emergency panic button, the base unit, and the Help Centre. The personal alarm button may be worn as a bracelet or necklace; it is water resistant and should be worn by our clients all the time.

As well we offer our clients and their families the opportunity to monitor other home and life (safety) events by providing the expandable features that monitor smoke, carbon monoxide and even activities inside the home. For example if you forgot your personal pendent and fell resulting in you not being able to ‘get help’, your activity sensor would, after a pre-determined lapse of time, call the Help Centre and in return the Help Centre would contact you and send the necessary assistances.

Its’ all about thinking ahead and being concerned for our safety; because if experience has taught us anything – we know anyone can trip and fall. When you have a need, you simply press your Personal Help Button and your home alert/safety system immediately calls into the Help Centre and our operator speaks to you through the systems base unit's two-way voice speaker. At that time you will explain the emergency or concern and the Help Centre attendant instantly dispatches the necessary help and will also contact your personal contacts (family, friends, or neighbour).

Personal Alet Button

P.E.R.S. Base Unit

Personal Alet Button

Emergency Panic Button

  • Inside or Outside, with the push of your ‘button’ you can summon the help that you need, 24/7
  • Your waterproof pendant / wristband may be worn in the shower
PERS base unit

Two-way VOice

  • Easy to set-up - no tools required
  • Simple to operate
  • Works with existing phone line and a standard wall outlet
  • Built-in rechargeable back-up power with low battery alarm

The D-tek-TION Security P.E.R.S. system’s have the adaptability to monitor other home ‘events’ that may be important to you. Your personal system will report to the Help Centre any concerns relating to Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and will even detect non-activity. And because you have a smoke detector being ‘externally monitoring’ you will be entitled to a home Insurance premium reduction – annually.

Pet immune motion sensor
Pet Immune Motion Sensor
Smoke and heat sensor
Smoke and Heat Sensor
Carbon monoxide sensor
Carbon Monoxide Sensor