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Vial of Life Program

Vial of Life Program

The Vial of Life Program assists emergency personnel in obtaining important medical facts during a crisis in the home. For example say you are unable to talk the vial can do the talking for you.

Who should use the Vial of Life?

Seniors tend to take more medication as they get older. A senior who is living by themselves and/or a person with Chronic or disabling conditions. Remember anyone can have an emergency at home - No matter your age.

How does the Vial of Life work?

Emergency personnel - Ambulance, Police and Fire Department know about the Vial of Life Program and will look for the Vial of Life Magnet on your refrigerator door. This symbol indicates vital information is available to assist them to immediately begin treatment.

Just knowing you do not take medications or have any chronic medical conditions may be important to paramedics. This information eliminates a number of possible treatments and may result in valuable life saving time.

What comes in each package?

Complete the several forms that identify you, provide your Medical History and your current medications; these are placed in the Vial. Remember the information is only as good as you keep it. The vial should be placed inside the refrigerator door in plain view. The fridge Magnet should be placed at eye height on your refrigerator door.

Thank You - Simcoe County Paramedic Association

D-tek-TION Security recognizes the value of this program. We provide the Vial of Life container to each one of our Personal Emergency Response System clients and encourage them to use and maintain it. It is the result of the generous support from the SPONSORS of the Simcoe County Paramedic Association this program is provided FREE OF CHARGE to you

D-tek-TION Security acknowledges and greatly appreciates the Simcoe County Paramedic Association for providing this service. Visit for a complete list of sponsors.