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Vacant Building Protection Services

Vacant Building Protection ServicesAn empty, unprotected building can be an open invitation for trouble and often is.

At D-tek-TION Security we have created a short-term solution for unoccupied properties. There is value in assuring a building is not being improperly used for ‘other’ purposes unknown to you (e.g. a large building in Barrie used as a “grow operation”). Ensuring an unoccupied property is not illegally entered, assets removed and/or the property vandalized or the premises ‘left open’ to the elements is also important to know (and stop). Even if eventual demolition is planned, the building in ‘original state’ has value and the demolition company’s tender is most often based upon “experienced asset” value.

Based on the “Broken Windows Theory” – if a premises is broken into or vandalized or simply abused through ‘trespass’; the facility will be severely damaged by the continuation (repetitious) of these attacks UNLESS stopped.

Whether monitoring involves a empty primary or vacation home, a empty location in a mall, large buildings or warehouses etc D-tek-TION Security will assist you to secure the assets structure, wiring and plumbing assets and in general its’ integrity. And ‘other’ neighbours will be appreciative of your concern and initiative too.

D-tek-TION Vacant Building Protection Package includes:

  • 24/7 ULC monitoring
  • Instant Detection, Verification and Notification

An intrusion will be detected, verified and the police will be notified of a ‘crime-in-progress’ and a picture will be instantly forwarded of who and what is involved. To learn more about this package, click here.

No power, no (day) light, no phone lines are required.

Additional environmental monitoring (e.g. water, temperature) is available.

Service Cost

Based upon site review and customers direction, free no obligation quote provided.