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P.E.R.S. - A "Virtual" Friend

Never Being Alone at anytime, whether inside or out, is a comfort for any person living alone; it is not just a senior concern. If you feel faint, have a medical emergency, smell smoke or hear an intruder simply press your ‘button’ and help is on the line. Your ‘help centre’ operator will talk with you and send the assistance you want or need.

Your system is ‘tailored’ for your needs and your home environment. D-tek-TION Security personnel will attend your home, test the unit throughout your home and property (so you will know your systems’ full capabilities) and install your safety system. Your P.E.R.S. will be positioned in your home to ensure its’ maximum benefit to you. You will, with the help and guidance of our staff, identify who you want called and when and why depending upon ‘the incident’. This is YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY SYSTEM; ultimately you decide your own ‘call priorities’. And don’t worry, if you are for any reason unable to talk with your personal help centre operator or the operator is unable to clearly hear what you are saying, we will instantly request assistance for you. And if we are able, we will stay ‘on the line’ with you until your help arrives.

Of course there are ‘young seniors’ who don’t need this “yet” and their families, who can’t be with them 24/7, whether a ½ block or ½ world away, are concerned that when “yet” arrives it will be too late; PREVENTION is being prepared (in the event you need it). A gift of ‘peace of mind’ to a parent, or to a family concerned about a parent is a wonderful selfless act.

And because anything can happen we want you to know the D-tek-TION personal emergency response system has the flexibility to monitor other ‘household events’ such as smoke or flooding.

Personal safety systems are not new, over 1,600,00 people throughout North America use these type of systems to maintain their safety, improve their quality of life and to enable their continued independence within their own home environment without the fear of being alone. A recent North American study showed that, on average, the age of a senior entering a retirement home was extended 6 years; that’s six more years in your own home and ‘that’ is a savings of almost $200,000; with worry free and independent living with dignity.