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Preventing False Alarms

False alarms take police, fire and medical workers away from real emergencies.
D-tek-TION Security is committed to reducing false alarms and takes this issue very seriously.

D-tek-TION is the only company locally and in the area that can honestly provide you with a security system that disallows False Police Dispatches. That’s right – we can guarantee No False Dispatches and cost effectively!

Managing alarms more effectively benefits everyone. By knowing and understanding your system you will cut down the burden on responding authorities by reducing or eliminating alarm dispatches. This saves time, money and most importantly, lives.

Here are a few tips to prevent false alarms:

  • Install D-tek N’ VISION Videofied™ Alarm Security; it eliminates false alarms
  • Make sure all doors and windows with sensors are completely secured before turning on your alarm system.
  • Be sure everyone who will use your alarm system knows how to operate it properly and what to do if the system is set off accidentally.
  • Make sure all contact information and pass codes are kept up-to-date.
  • Have D-tek-TION check your system with regularity.
  • Notify D-tek-TION immediately if you think your system isn’t working properly.
  • Notify D-tek-TION if you plan any remodeling, going to change your telephone company or selling your home