Barrie Security Systems


There is no better advertisement than a reference of a customer.

Our customers belong to our extended security family and they know it.

Recommendations (by word or written text) are dreams of business owners, and they are what dreams are made of in the business world. They are earned and represent a trust in D-tek-TION Security and we will always honour that trust. A client’s recommendation is important to our future and we understand that! Testimonials from our "security family" are sincerely appreciated, their willingness to publicly "share" their personal decision to choose D-tek-TION Security and their experience(s) with our staff is greatly appreciated. Providing security solutions is more than a business, it is a commitment to our community and a responsibility to you.

We want your business, we want to keep your business, and we’ll prove it to you every day.

The following recommendations are offered for your consideration when you are making your decision as to who will become your service provider.

Commercial Clients

1. Professional Office – Health Services Industry

"We are so pleased with D-Tek-TION Security. Our representative was thorough and available even after installation was complete to ensure that all of our questions were answered.
After comparing rates with other companies in the industry, we were convinced that D-Tek-TION Security was the only choice to make. We would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking excellent customer service and competitive rates."

2. Professional Office - Customer Service Industry

"I would like to personally endorse D-tek-TION Security Systems. They have been servicing my business for almost a year now and I am very confident in the services they provide. I know I am able to call them for any reason, and I will always be met with professional and courteous manners from their knowledgeable staff.
In my search for a security provider, D-tek-TION provided the best value for my dollar, and D-tek-TION as a company instilled the most confidence in me, letting me know that my business will be safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
I would recommend their services to anyone looking to have the best in security, and peace of mind for their business."

3. Consultant for High Security Solutions

"As a consultant for a "highly sensitive storage company", I hired D-Tek-TION Security Systems to provide a security solution. The solution was a great combination of value and quality. They (staff) left no visible mark when they were done and my client had peace of mind knowing they can see and monitor their site as well as know their security company will react quickly should there be an issue.
D-Tek-TION Security has also provided personal solutions for other clients of mine with similar results!
Top qualities: great results, expertise, high integrity."

4. Professional Business – Healthy Life-Styles

"D-tek-TION security offers an excellent service of security for your business and they are very knowledgeable. I would recommend them and their services to anyone!
Top qualities: great results, expertise, good value."

Residential Clients

1. From a “Switch Over & Save” customer:

"Just a short note to thank you for your help. Your courtesy has been greatly appreciated as well as your professional assistance in securing our home. As well as installing “Simon” professionally, your staff and you also helped with a few things that were not contracted for and done with a smile. Our system costs have been cut in half compared to “the other big company” we had been using; and Simon works as well, if not better."

2. From a new customer – current:

"My wife and I had no idea about what would make us secure. We just knew we wanted security because of the neighbour's break-in. We called two large security companies and the one gave us a price over the phone and the other company came to our home and explained the "freebies" of the other company weren’t really free at all. Their price was almost double. We decided to call D-tek-TION and we are so happy we did. The knowledge and professionalism and sincerity of your staff was evident immediately; we even understand why we purchased the security system we did. And the price for “our” system was very close to the first company quote. Thank you, Kyle. We look forward to seeing D-tek-TION grow; we have already made several referrals to our family and friends."

3. From a customer of six years:

"We would recommend D-tek-TION to anybody! They not only provide security protection for our home but also our cottage and our business. There is no doubt these people know what they are doing. At each of our properties, our systems are equally easy to use but the "aim" of the security is somewhat different. And the scary thing is we understand it. Our family couldn’t be happier or better protected. There is a lot to be said about buying "close" to home and understanding the level of expertise and experience that is really here."

P.E.R.S. Clients

1. From a customer of four years:

"Initially, we called Kyle about a personal safety system for my husband; we lived in a condominium and enjoyed being there with all our friends. We were concerned about getting help if we needed it and did not have to worry about doing anything except pushing a button if we ever had an emergency. The several times we used it, it worked wonderfully and gave us a really safe feeling. Just to let you know, the D-tek-TION company even provided our condominium with the solution to allow the ambulance people in.
Even though I am alone now and have moved into a new senior residence, I have continued with my personal help button because I know all I have to do is push my pendent and I’ll be talking to a person who is waiting to help me no matter when. Thank you."

2. From a customer of three years:

"I wouldn’t be without my panic button – ever. I live alone and my family were concerned about me and wanted me to get a home safety system. I really did not think at my age, I needed one but they gave it to me for Christmas. The D-tek-TION owner came to my residence and showed my family and I how it works and explained the Vial of Life Program. I was impressed with Kyle and the simplicity of my system. I have only had one occasion to really need it and it worked just fine. Although I have had a few conversations with my help centre over the years when I have accidently pushed the button I have found them to be really nice and made me feel comfortable. I will stay in my home for many more years to come thanks to my family and your company."