Barrie Security Systems

Security Tips

We believe we can provide you with the best security available for your home or business, but here are some simple things you can do to reduce your risks:

Security Tip #1Trim shrubs and trees that obscure windows and doors.

Security Tip #2Make sure all the entrances to your home or business are well-lit.

Security Tip #3Keep all doors - including garage doors - closed and locked at all times, even while you are at home.

Security Tip #4Make sure that openings like crawl spaces, skylights and vents are properly protected.

Security Tip #5Make sure you know who is outside before you open an exterior door.

Security Tip #6Install adequate locks on all windows and exterior doors.

Security Tip #7Post your house number clearly and keep it well-lit at night.

While no home is completely burglar-proof, most burglars are attracted to an easy target. By following these simple steps, and by installing a security system from D-tek-TION Security, you can make your home much less attractive to the potential burglar.