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Latch Key Program is offered to assist families with younger students that return from school to an empty home because their parents are away (at work).

To help parents monitor the safety of their children the Latch Key program is offered to help; certainly it is not a substitute to the presence of ‘family’. We know, from experience, parents who are unable to be home (when their children arrive) have increased ‘stresses’ and worry about their safety.

Our latch-key program is ‘priceless’, simple and effective!

How Does This Service Work?

When your children arrive home between pre-designated times (and days) they are only required to press a button on your home security control panel. That ‘tells’ your system your child is home and safely inside. If, on the other hand, your child fails to press the button, the system is designed to initiate a call to you (wherever you may be) advising of this non-event so that you can initiate any action you feel appropriate. Perhaps a simple phone call home will be sufficient to know they simply “got busy and forgot” or you may arrange someone closer to drop by and check.

The ‘regular monthly cost’ of this program is $ 15.95. It is yours for $7.50/month

**some limitations apply; applies to the areas of Barrie, Angus, Simcoe County, New Market, and Richmond Hill and surrounding areas; can not be applied with other offers

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